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... Anyone out there? ... [Nov. 7th, 2008|09:40 am]
Camarilla Orlando: Dark Embrace

[Current Location |Mechanicsville, MD]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |... Nature ...]


I forgot we had this. Anyone out there reading this?? Am I alone in the LJ Community here?
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Grand Opening - Galerie de La Nuit - Invitations [May. 7th, 2008|12:03 am]
Camarilla Orlando: Dark Embrace

[Current Location |Athens, Greece]
[mood |accomplished]

OOC Note: Invictus, Galerie members and House Vitelion kindred within Mireille's (Anisé Vitelion's) address book would receive this invitation in hand written form on parchment which is signed by Mireille personally and sealed with a crescent moon below a toreador rose imprinted in wax. It is impecably written with Expression and Intelligence. (Everyone else gets an Email).

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Kindred of Quality,

You are formally invited to attend the Grand Opening of the Galerie de La Nuit's Master Collection in Athens, Greece on the night of May, 24th 2008.

Allow us show you the best that Athens has to offer in hospitality, music, competition and company as we travel back through the centuries to appreciate the fine arts and gifts that kindred society has to offer us in expression and inspiration. Come enjoy the pleasure of a romantic greek serenade within the view of the ancient bay, the dramatic strings of a passionate orchestra, and the dramatic blooming of the gifts that grow among the gardens of the night.

This event celebrates the opening of the Galerie de La Nuit from its humble beginnings of a dream in Orlando Florida to its fruition of International spot light in the ancient city of Athens. However what is a celebration without competition to appease the Gods which have blessed its protection and gifts of success.

You are invited to challenge your abilities in competition of the Arts by submitting a themed piece to be displayed during the main gathering to be critiqued and voted upon by those in attendance. Are you creative enough to create a piece destined to travel the world, to have it be admired by your peers?

Theme: Best Greek (mythological) Interpretation of Lilitu/Lamia

Should you indulge your inspiration to create art please contact mireille@galeriedelanuit.com for shipping arrangements, the entrance to the contest concludes May 20th 2008.

This event Requires the Masquerade both inside and outside of the Gallery at all times with no exceptions in regard to the attendance of mortal performers. Copies of the city laws will be provided on request. RSVP to the Gallery and Representatives is appropriate and expected.

Gallery Owner: mireille@galeriedelanuit.com

Invictus: Prince Hollingsworth IV - US2006078242@gmail.com
Lancea Sanctum: Bishop Artemis - tcaisley@gmail.com
Circle of the Crone: Andrew Mantis - andrewmantis@gmail.com
Carthian Movement: Emma Sparks - emma.sparks@amentet.com.au
Ordo Dracul: Mireille Bellamont - mireille@galeriedelanuit.com
Unaligned: Seneschal Li`les - lilith@amentet.com.au

Who are We?
The Galerie de La Nuit is an international kindred-operated Collection of traveling kindred created art work that crosses oceans to be displayed in Elysiums, Gallery's and Private Estates across Oceans. It's timeless art reflects works that span the centuries which are collected and restored by the hands of skilled artisans to be preserved forever.

[Invitations have been written with Expression and Intelligence, err's of spelling, title and grammar are purely ooc]

Nights Blessings,

Mireille Bellamont-Mantis
Prince's Harpy & Ordo Primogen of Southern Greece
Noble Lady of House Vitelion * Friend of Paris, France
Propriétaire du Galerie de La Nuit * (Daeva x3, Ordo Dracul x2)

OOC Further Info:
This game will be a Requiem GIRC FGOTM, please send in your proxies at least 2 days in advanced or when the official GIRC Notification is sent out. Hope to see you there!
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Orlando GotM Hotel Stuff [Jan. 12th, 2007|09:56 am]
Camarilla Orlando: Dark Embrace

Made the calls, things starting to look interesting. What I currently have chalked up is the following :

Saturday, April 28th, Orlando, FL GotM
Holiday Inn on I-4 and 436.
Rate for 6 pm to midnight : $295
Room capacity : 100 person with theatrical seating. I would expect that with removing 2/3 of the seats we'd have enough for the GotM.
Block Room Rate : ~$72 a night. If people do not sign up for the rooms, we're not charged for them, they're just released 3 weeks prior to the game.

The building is seperate from the rest of the hotel, newly built so away from norms. I was thinking if we wanted to do other venues, could do Friday night Mage on campus and Sunday Forsaken or something along those lines. If we wanted to push it, could probably get the room from noon to midnight for another $295, and have Mage and Forsaken both in the same room in different parts of it.

I'd like some feedback from people. If anyone is going to be around tomorrow at 3 or 4ish, I plan on going over and taking a look in person at the space while it's not in use.
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IC : VII [Nov. 22nd, 2006|01:32 pm]
Camarilla Orlando: Dark Embrace

*From varying sources and amongst the vampiric rumor mill, assuming everyone can get this bit of information. For those who are caretakers of varying known Kindred gathering locations, pictures are left. At each location is a shattered hour glass. The pictures are stuck to the wall in dried blood, and blood is mixed in with the sands of the hour glass upon the ground. In blood on the wall or ground is the sigil of the Circle of the Crone. Around the Crone symbol are varying mythologies symbols for curses and blights. Interwoven with those symbols is another message in blood. "Time's up." *

*The pictures are horrific. They are police photos of a blood ritual. Cruac symbols are spread about in a circle of blood. The sacrifices are 7 children, all under the age of five. Their eyes and tongue have been removed, and they are laid out in a circle from outstretched hands to feet. The throats have all been cut, and inside the circle is nothing but blood. The symbol for the Circle is carved into the chests of each child. There are words carved into their arms and legs, and pictures show up close what they say on each child.*

*Your Gluttony, gorge on blood and grow complacent.
*Your Greed to hold on to that which is not yours.
*Your Envy has made you blind to the bigger picture.
*Your Wrath has destroyed those who could see.
*Your Lust serves as a pleasant distraction from the truth.
*Your Sloth, your inaction... your consequences.
*Your Pride has brought it to this.

*In addition to the pictures, there are 3 photos of police sketches. The sketches are highly detailed and accurate images of the common appearance of Madame Julia Rose, Prince Sasmita, and Maxwell Belkar.*

*There is nothing in the newspapers about this. If you wish to take influence actions on this, please CC me & Matt and mail Jake or his appropriate ADST.*

-Steve Z
Cam # : US2005043238
ADC, AVST-Requiem Orlando : Dark Embrace
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..all I need is the track in the background. [Oct. 29th, 2006|06:59 pm]
Camarilla Orlando: Dark Embrace

[Current Location |Home]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone - Ridin']

G' here.. Heads up!

Rhys Leif-Eckart (Pongwa Quieeb)

Sanguine The Slayer

Gabriel Redstone
Rahu/Bone Shadow

Hermod, God of Messengers!
Slaugh/Wilder/Unseelie/Messenger for the All Father
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moving update [Sep. 30th, 2006|01:37 pm]
Camarilla Orlando: Dark Embrace

[Current Location |my parents house]
[mood |gratefulgrateful]
[music |bless the broken road rascall flatts]

ok so to get down to business! i'm moving on the 7th! the day after game! i have rented a 24' truck so it will be done in one day so if anybody can help load and unload a truck it'll be really helpful i've got a few people already lined up already but a few more would be great. so the more hands the better. i'm not asking for much just a few extra sets of hands and some friendly faces to bs with along the way. if you need more info( you know like directions to my soon to be old apt and directions to my new apt ) please feel free to call me on my cell 407 6194061 or at work at 407 696 5800. i will see about getting pizza or some discounts for dinner at checkers if anybody is interested just call
love ya lots
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MOVING [Sep. 18th, 2006|01:23 pm]
Camarilla Orlando: Dark Embrace

[Current Location |my parents house]
[mood |stressedrunning out of time]
[music |what hurts the most rascall flatts]

for those of you that know me. you know my lease is coming to a end. i am having to move was wondering if may be i could get some help. pizza will be provided cuz i am so not gonna want to cook for anyone that night so if you are interested in helping me call my cell4076194061 and i will give directions and instructions
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Amazing what you find in your insomniac travels [Aug. 15th, 2006|03:03 am]
Camarilla Orlando: Dark Embrace

For what it's worth...

Mojo Snakekiller

Apostate(say som'thin', I dare ya)/huh?/drifter

Redcap/Grump/Knight of the unseelie court/Allfather Odin

Maybe one day if the game day changes

Christopher M Zdenek
No one of importance
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Spring Cleaning [Jul. 9th, 2006|11:31 am]
Camarilla Orlando: Dark Embrace
(Crossposted around)

Prices are based on getting a reasonable offer. Please drop me a line if you're interested.

Want to sell:

Magic Card Collection (CCG)
- I stopped playing a couple of sets back ago. I have about three plastic boxes with a ton of cards in them and a good couple of pre-made decks. Would be keeping about two of the decks and getting rid of the rest. Only rare cards I am aware of are two Bad Moons from a few early sets, and a Chain Lightning.

Star Trek TNG: CCG Collection
- Small collection, rare card: Jean-Luc Picard

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Collection (CCG)
- Four decks, plus some random cards

Legend of the Five Rings (CCG) Collection
- One deck, plus random assortment of cards

Mage Knight Collection (plastic miniatures, pre-painted by company)
- Again, stopped playing this a few sets back. Large box of random assorted figures.

DnD Chainmail Collections (metal miniatures, pre-painted by professional)
- Roughly 8-10 figures, all well done and well kept. I don't think WOTC makes this game anymore, but the figures are great for a DnD Game. Two small plastic cases for safe-keeping, plus two unpainted figures New in Box

Warhammer 40K (miniatures, unpainted, New in Box)
- Never was able to get into this. One assault squad, one terminator seargent, and two Whirlwinds

Dell 17' CRT monitor
- Got a new one with the new system. As is condition (just a bit dusty)

Epson Stylus Color 600 Printer
- With printer cable, no drivers. As is condition (ink in the printer may or may not be filled)

Lexmark X23 Color Printer
- With printer cable, no drivers. As is condition (ink in the printer may or may not be filled)
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OOC: Hallo! [Jun. 28th, 2006|11:06 am]
Camarilla Orlando: Dark Embrace

'Bout time I found this thing. Woof.

McAfee Sugarhill Tenpenny. Or Fee. / Sleepwalker

Countess Saybrook Vaughan / Sidhe Wilder

I don't have an IC journal, as all my IC posts are made to the Yahoo groups. Yeah. So! Hi!
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